Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have a criminal charge it’s important to consult a North Carolina Criminal lawyers as soon as possible about defending your rights. Criminal charges can lead to fines and imprisonment and can also have serious immigration consequences. Even if you have just been charged with a traffic citation, hiring an attorney may allow you to resolve the issue in a way that will save you significant sums on your auto insurance.

We’ve handled numerous immigrants facing criminal charges and understand the unique issues they often face. For a free confidential evaluation, contact us.

Charged with a Crime in North Carolina

Being charged with a state or federal crime is a frightening experience for anyone, especially for immigrants and undocumented workers.

At Diener Law we know that many good people can find themselves in bad situations and need the help of an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney. Our firm serves clients throughout North Carolina and has the experience that you need after being charged with a crime, especially if you are an immigrant. We are committed to helping immigrants protect their rights and to resolve criminal matters that may affect their immigration status. Call our North Carolina criminal defense and immigration law firm today or contact our office online to schedule a free consultation. We have many locations throughout the state. Find an office close to you here.